Eco-Activity: Another grrrreat Creature Feature coming your way!


For this week’s Creature Feature, we’re highlighting one of Canada’s grrreatest and grrrrandest: the Grizzly Bear!

Grizzly bears are one of the most epic creatures in Canada’s wilderness. Weighing as much as a grand piano, these massive mammals are found in the cooler climates of Alaska, Canada, and Russia. They’re mostly solitary with big territories, but unfortunately their homes are under threat. That’s why it’s so important we protect the places they’re found! Click here to learn more.

For today’s crafty Creature Feature, Earth Ranger Judy has put together another awesome activity: time to build-a-bear! Here’s how:

1. Click here to download the grizzly bear template, then either print it or draw out your own. Colour in all of the shapes except the circle with the nose & mouth. Since we’re doing a common grizzly bear, colour everything brown. Don’t be afraid to get fancy with the shading! 

2. Cut out the shapes, then colour the backsides too – since this is a 3D craft, all sides of the paper will show.

3. Use your glue stick to glue the nose & mouth, then glue the eyes on. 

4. Once that is done, glue the head onto the front legs (the one without the tail). About half of the head should be overlapping. 

5. Grab your strips and glue the corner of one strip over the corner of another, forming an “L” shape.

6. Begin to overlap the strips one over the other, going back and forth while maintaining an “L” shape. (Pro tip: keep the strips perpendicular as you go). 

7. At the end, glue down whatever is left of the strips to give you an accordion-looking shape.

8. Glue one side of the accordion behind the front legs with the face facing outwards, then glue the other side of the accordion to the back legs, making sure the tail is facing outwards. And just like that, you’ve got yourself a grizzly!