Eco-Activity: Recycled window art


Recycled Earth Window Art

Did you hear that tomorrow is EARTH DAY?! Let’s get the love for our planet started early by producing some works of art out of recycled materials to display in our windows!

Look around the house for colourful scraps that can be used for your masterpiece. Some options could be: magazines, newspapers, mailers, or seasonal cards. Keep in mind that if they are colourless, you’ll need some markers, crayons, or paint to make them blue and green to fit the Earth Month theme! Using a large circular shape as your base (you can use the cardboard from a cereal box and draw around a plate for this!), draw out which areas will be land and which will be water. Then add your colourful scraps in a mosaic-style to create an Earth-y look!

Once it’s dried, put it up in the window so your neighbours can admire your art as they walk by! Make sure you incorporate the hashtag #EarthMonthforAnimals in your display to remind your neighbours of the importance of protecting your local animal friends and amazing animals around the world. Take a picture of your creation and share it on social media so we can send love for our planet all around the world! Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so that we can share your masterpieces!

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