Eco-Activity: Buzzworthy bumblebee bonanza


Buzz Worthy Bumblebee Bonanza

We dare you to say that 10 times fast! As we come to the end of our Western Bumblebee Week, let’s take a trip to the grasslands of Saskatchewan—perfect habitat for western bumblebees. These Prairies are full of native flowering plants which provide both pollen and nectar for western bumblebees from early spring through late fall. Western bumblebees also nest underground and native grasslands tend to have less soil disturbance from humans, making them a perfect place for them to nest.

Today, get “buzzy” with these bumblebee activities!

1. Learn everything you need to know about the western bumblebee in this Wild Wire article

2. Complete the “Busy as a Bee” word search

3. Take another close look at the article. Find the 1st word in the 3rd paragraph. Spelled backwards it is a CODE that you can redeem for a special reward in the Earth Rangers App! Don’t have the app yet? What are you waiting for? Download it here!

It’s not too late to symbolically adopt a western bumblebee to help support important conservation work in Saskatchewan!