Eco-Activity: Be a super sorter!


Be a Super Sorter!

Today, people in Ontario are celebrating the FIRST official Day of Action on Litter! But we think it’s a great day for all of us across Canada to recognize misplaced waste and get it where it needs to be: out of important animal habitats! When waste and recycling isn’t disposed of properly at home, it can end up in our greenspaces as litter – and once it’s there, it’s a big problem. Take the Ontario Greenbelt for example: With its 2 million acres of protected land, it was created to help preserve important greenspace around growing cities. When litter makes its way into these green areas, it can contaminate the soil and drinking water while also destroying their natural beauty. But litter can also end up in wildlife habitat, where animals might mistake it for food or be exposed to dangers like toxic chemicals or sharp items.

Up your waste disposal game! Make a helpful reminder chart of things that are commonly tossed at your house.

1. Write out a list of things that you commonly throw out in your home. Both trash and recyclables! This will be your draft copy.

2. Visit your municipality’s website to get the full scoop on what actually is and isn’t recyclable in your neighbourhood.

3. Try to find each item on your household list. Using your draft copy, mark each item as either recyclable, trash, or organic.

4. To make your final copy, make three columns: Recycle It! Trash it! & Compost It! Add each of your household items in the proper category.

5. Decorate your final copy so it is eye-catching and add some flair to your trash cans or trash sorting stations at home.

6. Put it up in the trash-collecting areas in your home to help your family remember what goes where when they toss out their waste

7. Accept the RAWR Mission to learn about how you can up your waste disposal game even further to save even more animals. This is just a step in the right direction of your journey to Respect Animals While Recycling!

Work on reducing waste in your home, minimize any need for single-use plastics, or maybe even tidy up the great outdoors in your neighbourhood with a trash pickup adventure with your family! No action is too small to make a big difference! Whether you live near Ontario’s Greenbelt, over near the Canadian Rockies, or anywhere between and beyond, it is our job as humans to make sure we disturb important habitats as little as possible. 

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