Eco-Activity: Lightbulbs of hope


Light Bulbs of Hope

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are doing so much amazing work to keep us all safe during the pandemic—but let’s not forget all of the other essential workers who are out there every day keeping things running! Operators, technicians, and tradespeople, safety workers, and cleaning staff are all involved in generating power to keep not just our homes up and running, but important facilities like hospitals and care facilities too. Let’s thank them for all they do and let them know that together, we will #PowerON! Create and display a light bulb of hope in your window, making sure to add a special message to an essential worker. Here’s some examples to get the ideas flowing!

Thank you power workers for POWERING ON to keep us all safe!

If we all POWER ON together, we can make it through this!

Design your own, or use this colouring sheet to get you started.

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