Eco-Activity: What’s SUP?


What’s SUP?!?

Single Use Plastics, that’s what! Plastic things designed to be used once like cutlery, bags, and straws might be considered convenient at times, but they can cause SUPER inconvenient issues for our planet and the animals that live here with us! SUPs not only take a lot of resources to make — over time they can actually contribute to climate change.

We know what you’re thinking… “But what about recycling?” Unfortunately the answer is: not enough SUPs actually get recycled… 90% of plastic waste hasn’t been recycled or reused! YIKES!

That’s why Earth Rangers is challenging your family to CUT THE SUPS!

  1. Choose 3 single-use plastics that you want to cut out of your life.
  2. Download the SUP tracking sheet to record your family’s use of single-use plastics (try doing this challenge for a week)
  3. Avoid the 3 chosen items each day, opting for reusable alternatives.
  4. At the end of each day, write down the number of times you and your family members said NOPE to SUPs.
  5. Add up your NOPEs to see who cut the highest number of single-use plastics from their daily life.
  6. Sign the pledge​ to continue to cut SUPs at home and beyond!

Now is your mind on migratory birds? Head soaring with questions about conservation? Great news! We will be chatting with conservationists working to protect the red knot, Patrica Maria Gonzalez and Scott Hecker!

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