Eco-Activity: Red Knot’s secret code


Red Knot’s Secret Code

Like most birds, red knots make a variety of calls and songs. You can hear them make anything from a quick grunt to a complex yodel. Their calls are used to communicate, let others know if a predator is nearby, where there is good food to be found, or even help claim their territory! For example, male red knots use a repetitive song that sounds like ‘poor me’ to attract females to the nest and keep other males away. Here’s a sample song from some of our red knot friends!

Decoding these distinct sounds gives biologists a better understanding of the red knots’ life. Let’s see how good you are at decoding what the red knot is singing to us! Use the code key to figure out the secrets of the red knot!BONUS: the second word of song #2 is a secret code for the Earth Rangers app!

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