Eco-Activity: Shoreline Selfie: Before and After!


Shoreline Selfie: Before & After!

Monday June 8 is World Oceans Day and tomorrow marks the start of Canadian Environment Week, so we think there’s no better time than now to get out and clean up our local shorelines! Every year, hundreds of thousands of kilograms worth of garbage and fishing refuse are found washed up on the shores of Canada’s oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds and creeks, polluting important animal habitat.

There’s nothing fun about swimming with water bottles, finding candy wrappers in the sand or seeing a chip bag blow by as you’re out enjoying nature. While you can choose to leave a litter-filled area, the animals living on these shores can’t just walk or swim away. For them, garbage isn’t just ruining a trip to the beach or park, it’s ruining their homes. Animals can get caught in trash or they might think that it’s food and choke. Invasive species can even get attached to litter and float to new places. We can work together to trade in habitat-ruining junk piles for clean shoreline habitats and unpolluted water!

Take a #ShorelineSelfie at shore before you start cleaning, and another one when you’re done to show off your family’s hard work! Make sure you tag this page and #EarthRangers so we can see your team in shoreline-saving action! Nothing inspires others like seeing their friends and family taking part in protecting our planet and the animals we love.


  1. Wow. People need to stop littering. I think if reducing the garbage we make would also help as well. If we all produce less garbage then land fills would not be so full. picking it up is a good idea to.