Eco-Activity: Fox friends on a roll!


Today’s Eco Activity: Fox Friends on a Roll!

Red foxes are awesomely adorable and super fun to watch bobbing through a field or through suburban streets. Their fur coat changes with the seasons so when it is winter their coat grows long and thick to keep them warm. Then as summer approaches, they will shed all that hair, just like how your dog or cat sheds, and their coat becomes sleeker and thinner. The red fox is also the largest of all the fox species, but their size can depend on where they are found in the world. Even though they have the name red fox, they can be different colours than just the characteristic red colour that you might be used to! Red foxes can have silver or black fur, as well as a mixture of reds, browns and amber colours. 

Want to create some fox friends of your own our of recycled paper products? Here’s how!

Now your new fox friend is ready to explore, hunt small prey, and sneak around town!

Wanna lend a helping paw to Canadian Red Foxes? Check out the Red Fox Wildlife Adoption Kits in the Earth Rangers app, or right here.