Eco-Activity: Graduate to Green Drivers with your FREE Mission Mailer!


Today’s Eco Activity: Graduate to Green Drivers

Did you know tomorrow is the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer? Without it life on earth would be virtually impossible, but as air pollution continues to increase, the ozone layer is in danger. That’s why we’re asking you and your family to do what you can to help keep the ozone layer healthy by teaching your family how to get around greener – and of course celebrating their graduation from the Earth Rangers School of Green Driving with an epic graduation ceremony!

Next, you’ll need to give your family the Eco Driving Test. Once you’ve marked the written portion using the answer key, it’s time to hit the road! Complete the driving portion of the test and then use the tips in your Mission Mailer Package to help your family get around greener! Once the driver has improved their score, hold a graduation ceremony to present them with their Green Driving License! Don’t forget to & share it (and tag us)! We would love to see some parents in green graduation caps!