Eco-Activity: Become a Food Waste Warrior


Today’s Eco Activity: Become a Food Waste Warrior!

Today we’re celebrating the first ever International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste – and it’s a really important day! Did you know that Canadians waste $31 billion worth of food each year? That means almost half of all the food in Canada goes out with the trash, and the energy that was used to grow, pick, package and transport is totally wasted too!

It’s really easy to accidentally let food to go waste – like the grated cheese that’s growing fuzz or lettuce that’s turned into goo at the back of the fridge. But with some planning, we can cut back on the amount of food we waste! We’re challenging you to master one of these three food-saving skills:

  • Reuse parts of food that you usually throw away. You can turn potato skins into chips, or make a soup base from the bones of your roasted chicken!
  • Multicoloured tissue paper, or newspaper (for your fishies!)
  • Make a meal out of leftovers. Omelets are a great breakfast hack for this: just toss in what didn’t get eaten the night before! And homemade pizza with leftover meats and veggies as toppings for dinner!!
  • Reorganize your fridge so that you can see everything inside. Put the “oldest” food at the front so it’s eaten first and not forgotten!

Be sure to snap a pic of your family tackling one (or all!!) of these food-saving tasks and tag us on social media so we can celebrate all the saved bites from the trash bin!!