Eco-Activity: Jar-Rinser, Lid-Locker… Animal Protector!


Today’s Eco Activity: Jar-Rinser, Lid-Locker… Animal Protector!

Who is that new family of animal-saving super heroes on the block? IT’S YOUR FAMILY! Many animals have an amazing sense of smell that can lead them to delicious dinners and fun finds… but also to your garbage bins that may contain things that can hurt them or can make them sick. Luckily there are lots of easy ways to make your waste & recycling wildlife-safe before it gets to the curb, and two of those are to become a Jar-Rinser or Lid-Locker! Start practicing these super steps today and they’ll become second nature in no time!

Jar Rinser:

Take a peek in your recycling bin to see if you have any containers, jars, bottles or cans that could use a rinse. It’s important to properly clean your recyclables to minimize drops of tasty temptations (like pasta sauce or sugary drinks) that might lure curious critters to your bins and can also get stuck on animals’ heads or paws when they reach in to get at those last morsels. Plus, this will help ensure your recyclables are ready to be sorted and treated at your local recycling plant instead of accidentaly being treated as waste!

Lid Locker:

A secure lid on your garbage, recycling, and green bins goes a long way in keeping critters out in the first place! If you don’t have locking lids on your bins, try storing them in a closed shed or garage, or securing them tightly with bungee cords.

Don’t forget to double check what you CAN and CAN’T recycle! Once you’ve prepared your household waste to be safe curbside, visit your municipality’s website to get a full list of items that are recyclable in your area and any special guidelines on how to treat your waste.

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