Eco-activity: Odd sock holiday puppets


Today’s Eco Activity: Odd Sock Holiday Puppets

Odd socks – we’ve all got ‘em! Sometimes the left one wears out way faster than the right, or the mysterious washing machine monster gobbles them up! However it happens, it seems that there are some pairs that just don’t last, leaving you with one sock you’re just not sure what to do with. Thankfully, we’ve got a solution for upcycling those oddballs into funnybone-tickling sock puppets. And now that the holidays are approaching, it’s a great time to make some silly DIY gifts as stocking stuffers for your family members!

Use yarn, googly eyes, string, holiday decorations, pom-poms… anything you can imagine to make yourself the silliest sock monsters ever! We recommend using hot glue with the help of an adult, but craft glue may work too if the socks aren’t super thick!


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