Eco-Activity: Call of the Wild

Awooo! Roar! Meow! Glub! Seems like that would be pretty easy to remember, but what if you’re under intense game time pressure? Let’s see how you stand up with a little game we like to call Call of the Wild!
Objective: Keep the chain going as long as you can!  
Players: At least 2  

  1. First player makes an animal sound or action.
  2. Next player copies that sound or action and adds a new one to the end.
  3. Next player repeats the first two and adds another.
  4. Keep the chain going as long as you can. The game ends when someone forgets the order.
  5. When you’re done the first game, play it again and try and beat your record!

What was your longest chain? Let us know on social media using #EarthRangers!