Make a Bee Hotel


Where do bees go on vacation? The bee-ch! It’s pollinator season, and our hardworking friends have been keeping busy. After a big day of pollinating far and wide, they’ll need a place to relax… so why not treat them to something special? For today’s Eco-Activity, we’re making a bee hotel!

For today’s Eco-Activity, we’re creating a mini nature reserve for all those helpful creepy crawlers living in your yard, on your balcony, or outside your building.

Check on the dish daily to make sure the water stays full and clean.

1. Prepare your container

• Make sure your container is clean and dry.

• If it has a lid or spout, ask an adult to help cut off the top part.

• Decorate the outside of your container. You could paint it, cover it in construction paper and stickers… anything you’d like!

2. Craft the bee tubes

• Cut your paper into strips that are as wide as your container is deep, and long enough to wrap around your pencil at least 5 times.

• Wrap one paper around your pencil to make a tube. You can use some tape to help it keep its shape. When you take it off the pencil, it should look like a big, thick straw.

• Continue to make tubes until you can fill most of your container with them.

3. Make your bee hotel

• Place the tubes inside your hotel. If you don’t have enough tubes to fill it, you can place twigs in any empty spaces.

• Cut two pieces of string. They should each be long enough to wrap around your hotel twice, with enough left over for you to tie around a branch.

• Wrap and tie one of your strings around the top of your hotel. Do the same with the second one at the bottom. You can add a little glue if you want to make them extra secure.

• Find a nice sunny place for your hotel. Hang it up horizontally so the opening is facing you.

Now, you wait for bee visitors. You might get a few special guests before you know it! 

We want to see your Bee Hotel! Share it with us on social media or send a photo to!