Eco-Activity: The Great Migration


Do you love going to the beach? So do red knots! These adorable little guys are actually super tough shorebirds that travel incredible distances. They love nesting on our Canadian beaches in the summer, but once the temperature drops, they fly all the way to the most southern tip of South America. In total, they travel about 30,000 km every year—that’s like flying across Canada 5 times!

We challenge YOU to spend the day as a red knot! We don’t mean flapping your wings and flying all the way to South America (though you’re welcome to try!). Instead, plan out a long walk through a nature conservation area, a park or a larger part of a nearby neighbourhood to your chosen migration destination.

Plan a few places to stop, rest and explore along your chosen migration route just like red knots do. See if you can spot any smaller habitats along the way… and if you can find any other cool migratory birds like Canadian geese hanging out near you!

Before you set out on your cross-country (or neighbourhood) journey, pack a picnic and prepare to have your on-arrival snacks! Many migratory birds don’t even eat along the way (that would be added weight, and a lot more to carry). Once you settle down to snack, make sure you watch out for hungry predators that might try to steal your food!

After you’ve spent time in your new “summer home” for a while, it will be time to head back where you came from, making the equally long journey back.

Share a pic or two from your safe journey and you could WIN!* Share and tag us along with the hashtag #SummerEcoActivity: Don’t forget to follow our page & like the official launch post to qualify for a mystery prize!

Earth Rangers is working to protect an important red knot stopover habitat at Bahía de San Antonio in Argentina. By making sure they have enough food, water, and rest when they make their way down south, we can help the red knots complete their long journey from Canada to South America and back again! Help these amazing birds have a safe and successful migration by adopting a red knot, and for a limited time, we’re giving you 20% of Red Knot and Patagonian Sea Lion Digital Wildlife Adoption Packages in the Earth Rangers App to help get you started!