Eco-Activity: Kitchen scrap crops


Did you know you can use your kitchen scraps to re-grow certain fruits and veggies right at home? It’s easy to turn your food waste into mini crops, right in your very own kitchen! We know that buying local whenever you can helps shrink your carbon footprint, but you can’t get more local than eating food grown in your own home!

Here’s how to get growing:

  • Keep the seeds from tomatoes, cucumbers, and even strawberries to grow new plants! Try sprouting your seeds in eggshells, then moving your young plants outside or into larger indoor planters when they’re ready.
  • Grow new onions by simply placing the leftover root end in a pot under a small layer of soil.
  • Stick toothpicks in an avocado pit, then prop it up in a small glass filled with water. The pit should be about half covered, and will start to grow roots in about a week or two. You can use this same technique with sweet potatoes and even pineapples!
  • Sprout new lettuce by placing the root bottom of a head of lettuce that’s already had its leafy goodness chopped and eaten into a glass of water. Leave it in a sunny spot for a few days and you’ll notice new leaves begin to form!

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