Eco-activity: Bee’s knees bumblebee nest


Today is World Nature Conservation Day, and to celebrate we’re asking you to help some powerful pollinators in need of a new hive! Western bumblebees were once one of the most common and widespread bumblebees in western Canada, but their populations are shrinking as good habitat is becoming harder to find. That’s where you come in! You can help them along with more than 40 other bumblebee species in Canada.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a ceramic flower pot with a hole at the bottom
  • a small shovel
  • hay or wood shavings
  • a cover to protect the pot from rain (try a piece of wood, plate, or patio stone)
  • rocks

Here’s how to build your bee habitat:

  1. Dig a hole in the ground that’s deep enough to fit an upside-down flower pot inside
  2. Sprinkle hay or wood shavings in the hole. This will attract the Queen Bee.
  3. Put the upside-down pot in the hole, making sure none of it is sticking out of the ground.
  4. Put rocks on the ground around the pot and place a cover on top. Chose rocks tall enough to give space between the pot and the cover. The queen will need to be able to crawl in between and enter through the pot’s hole.
  5. Once finished, give your nest plenty of space. Bumblebees are very peaceful but may try to protect themselves if they feel threatened (that’s where they get their stinging reputation from!)

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