Eco Activity: Build a bird nest supply shop!


When we do things to change the outdoor landscape, like build houses and roads, it gets harder for animals to find the safe habitats they need to survive. It’s important that urban wildlife can find food, eat, sleep and nest! Can your family help them by becoming habitat heroes? 
For birds, building a nest can take anywhere from a few days up to about 2 weeks! Let’s help our winged friends out by giving them quick access to some nest-building materials!

You’ll probably be able to find the things they need close to home! Collect some of these easy to carry supplies and put them out in piles or shallow bowls in one area of your yard:

Tip 1: Do your best to make sure your shop is sheltered from the wind!
Tip 2: Make sure you wash your hands before and after this activity! For more information on the benefits of proper hand-washing, please click here to check out the recommendations by the Government of Canada. 
Tip 3: If you put your shop in view from a window, you can watch from inside to see your happy shoppers!