Concerned about climate change but not sure what to do about it? You’re not alone!

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When we think about climate change, species at risk, or experience extreme weather like wildfires and floods, it can cause feelings of worry, sadness and fear. There is a term for it: “eco-anxiety”. But in today’s world, it can be hard to know what we can do about it.  
Fortunately, eco-anxiety has a counterpart called eco-action. Eco-action are things we can do that contribute to a healthy natural environment. Research by Earth Rangers shows that eco-action can help manage and cope with feelings of eco-anxiety.

A great first step is to take the time to better understand your own feelings through the Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Action quiz, created collaboratively by Earth Rangers and Kids Help Phone. After answering some questions, you will discover if you are more of a Curious Coyote, a Panda with Potential, or a Confident Caribou. This can help you understand how eco-anxiety might be impacting you and will give you suggestions of ways to take eco-action in your community.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by eco-anxiety, you can connect with Kids Help Phone by text, online message, or a phone.

Check out the quiz to learn more about what can be done to help make a difference!