Meet Holden!

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1. We’d love to hear more about Holden! What does he like to do?
Liz: He enjoys reading, creating marble runs, mountain biking and snowboarding!
2. What’s his favourite animal and why?
Liz: He loves ring-tailed lemurs because of their cool colouring, acrobatic skills, and the fact that they are primates just like us.
3. Has Holden’s eco-action had a ripple effect on the family and friends?
Liz: Yes! He loves sharing all about the fun facts he has learned, and always makes sure his mom doesn’t run the water during toothbrush time!
4. Tell us about one activity in particular that he really connected with.
Liz: He loves the cooking activities and is excited to try more of the recipes like the crab apple.
5. What do you think is one of the most important things he has learned as an Earth Ranger member?
Liz: Holden has learned that small actions we take daily can make a larger positive impact. He even started his own journal after listening to the ‘Adelia Goodwin’s Secret Journal’ on the Earth Rangers Podcast. He writes cool facts in the notebook about animals and nature he observes.
6. As a parent, what do you think of Earth Rangers programs?
Liz: I love how much the Earth Rangers Podcast and Earth Rangers App have made him aware of how our actions can benefit our climate. He has also gained a deeper knowledge of animals, their habitats, and how we can help keep them safe and thriving. It also connects him to like- minded kids around the world! Also, the jokes on the podcast – we love the jokes!
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