Welcome to Episode 1 of the Earth Rangers Podcast! In this episode, we investigate the largest land-dwelling carnivore and we also meet a bird that has flippers instead of wings. On this page, you'll find some awesome pictures, cool articles, a mysterious puzzle and anything else we mention in the podcast.


This week, Ranger Lauren asked Emma to investigate why polar bears have white fur and Emma chatted with Alysa McCall from Polar Bears International to find out the answer.
The answer is that polar bear fur isn't white. It is actually clear! The reason it looks white is because when the sun hits the hair, it reflects and scatters the sunlight, and our eyes pick that up as being white. It's just like what happens with ice and snow! Click here to learn more about polar bear fur!

Someone left a mysterious puzzle on Emma's desk. Do you think you can figure out what the says? Make your guess in the comments below!