Emma is out enjoying some nice rest and relaxation on vacation this week so we've kept this episode short and sweet. Check it out and don't forget to vote for the BEST ANIMAL JOKE OF ALL TIME. There is just one more round after this one and then we’re in the finals. So, make sure to cast your vote for your favourite today.

Best Animal Jokes of all time!

Round 4: Which of these jokes do you think is the best? Vote for your favourite!

  • Why are computers and cats so related? Because they both like mice! (43%, 191 Votes)
  • What do you call a pig that knows karate? Pork-CHOP! (41%, 182 Votes)
  • What do you do if you find a cheese sandwich in the jungle? Put it under a grill-a (gorilla)! (16%, 71 Votes)

Total Voters: 444

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