Strap on your capes and prepare to fly through this super-powered episode with Earth Ranger Emma! We’ll learn all about animal superpowers, find out whether sharks EVER get to stop moving, and discover the differences between poison and venom!


More Awesome Animal Superpowers

Did you like the superpowers you heard about in this episode? Well, it’s time to get excited because here comes some more! These superpowers aren’t just cool, they also help animals survive in their habitats!

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Click here to see even more animals with awesome superpowers.

Top Ten Unusual Sharks

We heard some really interesting things about sharks in this week’s episode and now we can’t get enough of them. If you’re like us, you’ll love this list of the most unusual sharks!

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Click here to learn about 5 more unusual sharks.


Ultimate Animal Showdown: Box Jellyfish vs. Golden Poison Frog


After everything you heard in this episode, who do you think wins this Ultimate Animal Showdown?

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What animal superpower would you like to have? Let us know in the comments below!


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