Red Panda Stewardship in Nepal

Red pandas make their homes in the Himalayan mountains and the forests of southern China and Nepal, but despite living in such remote habitats, they face numerous threats to their survival. Deforestation not only limits the amount of available habitat for the red panda, but it also creates a fragmented landscape that can be dangerous to navigate. On top of this, poaching continues to contribute to declines in red panda populations, and it is thought that there are less than 10,000 of these Endangered animals left in the wild.

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Red Panda

They may be called red pandas, but these solitary and largely secretive mammals are more closely related to raccoons and weasels than the giant panda with which they share a moniker. They spend much of their days in the forest, climbing through trees and feeding on bamboo. They have what’s known as a false thumb, which is actually a bone in their wrist that is bigger than normal and functions like a bendable thumb, making them well adapted to feasting on their bamboo meal of choice.

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International Conservation Fund of Canada

Red Panda Network
Your adoption will help Earth Rangers support the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC), the Youssef-Warren Foundation, and the Red Panda Network on a project that will train and support local communities in conserving red panda populations and their forest habitat in Nepal. Because of their remote habitat, conservation work would be next to impossible without the help of dedicated locals who serve as Forest Guardians, an on-the-ground team dedicated to red panda protection. From learning about the red panda and why it’s so important to protect them, to setting up monitoring programs and anti-poaching initiatives in forests across western Nepal, your support helps this amazing effort make sure the red panda is protected for years to come.

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