Howdy, Earth Rangers! This episode is all about the magnificent horse! Emma figures out if there are truly wild horses, and how horses help people with disabilities. She also visits a pointy, squeaky friend of hers. Find out who is it in this week’s episode!

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Check out these beautiful creatures!

A pony isn’t a baby horse – it’s an adult horse that’s shorter than 147cm!
Feral horses live in many different places around the world. In Canada we have feral horses that live on Sable Island, Nova Scotia. They arrived there almost 300 years ago!
And this is Przewalski’s horse. It is the the only truly ‘wild’ horse alive today…. or isn’t it…? Find out more in the episode!
Finally meet Splash and Muskoka! These amazing horses help people with disabilities at The Community Association for Riders with Disabilities (CARD), Toronto. Seana, the Director of Therapeutic Riding Services at CARD will tell us more about the work they do there!

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