Pssst… Earth Rangers! We know that some of you’ve been waiting for this for a long time… Today Earth Ranger Emma is looking for the eternal nemesis of every little piggy out there – the Big Bad Wolf! But are wolves really that big and bad? Or is it just what these little piggies want you to think? Find out in today’s episode!

In this episode Emma talks about how wolves and dogs are connected. The ancestors of dogs are extinct wolves. Humans bred the friendliest wolves with each other for many generations in a process called domestication, and here is the result! (If you want to learn more about domestication – also make sure to check out Episode 32, where Emma explains it in a bit more detail)

But even if they are similar to dogs in many things, wolves are still quite different. So maybe you have thought of raising a wolf as a pet? Um no! Bad idea… Why? Listen to the interview with Dr. Brent Patterson from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Ontario, he had many close encounters with these wild creatures. He will also explain why wolves make terrible pets!

Find out in today’s episode!

And how can we finish this episode without stories from you listeners about your animal encounters! This time we have a special-short-stories-edition! Below are some of the animals mentioned in a few of these exciting stories…

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What do think about wolves? Did you change your mind after listening to this episode? Did you guess who was smarter – pigs or dogs? Ever wanted wolf as a pet?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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