Ahoy Sea dogs and land lubbers! Today Captain Emma is going to teach you everything about knots – not just any knots – We’re talking about the red knot, which is not really a knot but actually a bird. Feeling confused? Don’t worry – Emma is going to get you ship shape in no time!

Meet the red knot and learn about its impressive migration route in today’s episode!

Photo by Fabian Pinasco

In Today’s episode, Emma is talking to the red knot expert Patricia González, who is located in one of the red knots favourite feeding location Bahia de San Antonio in Argentina.

In Today’s Chemistry Corner, Emma is exploring one really important chemical reaction that happens in many living creatures, but not in animals. It’s called photosynthesis, and it’s how plants make their own food. She will also guide you through an experiment that you can actually do at home!

In this experiment, called ‘chromatography’ – we’ll separate the green molecule that plants use for photosynthesis. This molecule is called chlorophyll– and it enables plants to use the light energy from the sun to make their own food (and ours!).

All you need is:

  • a coffee filter
  • scissors
  • rubbing alcohol (or nail polish)
  • a pen or a pencil
  • a bowl with hot water
  • different type of leaves (spinach or lettuce work really well, but any type of leaf is OK)
  • a jar (If you want to compare between different leaves you’ll need a few jars, one for each type of leaf)
  • help from a parent

How did your experiment turn out? We’d love to see your results. If you want to share, ask your parents to follow Earth Rangers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag your photo as #EmmasChemistry

In our next Chemistry Corner Emma is going to help you become environmental scientists, and how to make red cabbage to change its colour. Wanna get a head start for the next experiment?

Here’s what you’ll need for next experiment :

  • one red cabbage
  • big pot or bowl that can contain boiling water
  • liquid or water-soluble materials you’d like to examine (we recommend: lemon juice, vinegar, salt, egg white, liquid soap and laundry detergent)
  • One glass half-filled with cold water and one teaspoon for each of the materials
  • A ladle
  • help from a parent

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