Hey Earth Rangers! Thank you so much for all of the amazing animal stories you sent in this past year. Emma loved listening to each and every one of them, and today she is announcing the winner of the grand prize! We also launch our brand-new-contest ‘Junior Wildlife Reporters’! Details below!

Have you guessed what type of animal we heard in today’s “Who am I” game? Click here to see a photo of the sweetest, most adorable, most cutie-pie little tiny babies in the whole wide world!

For our next contest, we are looking for junior wildlife reporters!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a podcast correspondent, here is your chance. You can create your very own animal report! It could be about your all-time favourite animal, with some cool wacky facts that nobody knows about them! Or it can be about some rare animals that most people would never have even heard about. Or cool conservation projects that happen in your neighborhood. You can even make your own quizzes, riddles and games. It is 100% your segment, but we will help you out a bit by adding cool sound effects! Ready? Click on the ‘Leave us a message’ button below!

We want to hear from you!

You can send in a voice message by pressing the green button or use the voice recorder on a smart phone and ask your parents to email it to podcast@earthrangers.com

What did you think about our animal encounters contest?

Which was your all-time-favourite story?

Do you already know what is your animal report is going to be about?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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