Hey Earth Rangers, have you ever thought you lost something, only to have it turn up somewhere unexpected later? Can you believe that this happens to scientists with entire species sometimes? In today’s episode Emma talks about “Lazarus taxon”, animals that disappear from the fossil record for a while, but appear later because they weren’t actually extinct in the first place. She also talks to a real-life dino-expert to see if any dinosaurs survived and live with us today (and the answer might surprise you…)

This is the coelacanth – an ancient fish species that was thought to have gone extinct 66 million years ago! But in 1938, one was discovered at a fish market in South Africa, and scientists have discovered that two types of coelacanth still exist today!

Another Lazarus Taxon that was recently discovered is the Black Browed Babbler. A small black, gray and chestnut brown bird species from Indonesia which just came out of hiding this March after 170 years!

How about Dinosaurs? Sure, those are extinct, but what are the chances we might come across a living dinosaur these days? In today’s episode Emma talks to Dr. David Evans from the Royal Ontario Museum to ask him this exact question. David is the dinosaur curator at the ROM, check out Episode 26: Feathers, Fossils and Monster Jaws – Emma’s Night at the Museum for more about dinosaurs.

A real living dinosaur
(No – this is not a joke – listen to the episode to find out more!)

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