Jenna the Artist


We stopped by to see the debut of Jenna’s art exhibit and were wowed by her creativity and passion for protecting animals. Here’s the exclusive interview from this young artist who tells us all about how she sold her paintings to help Bring Back the Wild™!

All About Jenna

super ranger, jenna, pine cone
Super Ranger Jenna

I have a big passion for animals and I like to imitate bird calls. My two favourite sports are baseball and soccer. When I grow up I want to be an engineer or an architect. I make lots of crafts! I use the things around me to inspire me about what I’m going to make. I try to use stuff that would get thrown away in my crafts. I made a dragon out of a coffee gift box my Mom got.

I heard about Earth Rangers at school. Then we went on a tour of the Earth Rangers building with my Mom and one of my brothers. We heard about great kids who have helped animals. That made me think I could do it too. I had a cool experience seeing a lemur Cosmo practice with his trainer.

Ranger Deed

Jenna's painting studio
Jenna’s painting studio

I decided to paint pictures of a bunch of animals and do an art show. I made a big fact board full of animal facts. I loved being the cashier and handing out my paintings. We had lots of activities for the kids like bubbles and side walk chalk. It was very exciting for me. I spent a lot of time explaining about the animals in my paintings. Some of them were elephants, lions, birds, cats and a lady bug. We had lemonade and my neighbour friend made cupcakes. I had lots of fun and at the end, I was tired but it was worth it!

Words of Wisdom

Jenna's art work
Jenna’s art work

If you want to help Earth Rangers, think of your own hobbies and try to do something from your interest. I love painting so I painted some pictures. You have to organize it and plan ahead. You have to raise awareness about what you’re doing so you get a good turnout. It’s great to hand out buttons to show that they helped. It makes them feel good. I had a good feeling too!

You can help Jenna Bring Back the Wild™, visit her campaign page and show your support!

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