Ranger Rosie and the Bees


Meet Rosie. She wrote to us to tell us about how she was inspired to help protect animals after Earth Rangers visited her school.

Hi, my name is Rosie. A few months ago Earth Rangers visited my school and showed everyone these amazing animals and I decided that I wanted to help them.

Earth Ranger Rosie

I told my mom about Earth Rangers and she told me that there was a church bazaar being held where my nana lives and that we could sell stuff and collect money to help Earth Rangers save the bees. Well, after that we pretty much turned my basement upside down, looking for toys we did not need anymore. Some of those toys were great for my brother, but he wanted to help save the bees too. Soon we had books, DVD’s, toys and more to bring. We even had a bike! We headed to my nana’s with a FULL car.

When we got there, my nana was waiting for us at her house. We used up a whole afternoon making signs to put on our booth, but they turned out AMAZING, plus my nana had even more things to sell! She got a bunch of stuff from one of her friends.

Rosie fundraising for the bees


The next day was the day of the church bazaar and we got there at seven o’clock. Even though the bazaar wasn’t supposed to start until eight, people were already there at seven buying stuff up like mad! When we passed 100 dollars I freaked out! After the church bazaar we did the final tally, 185 dollars!! I smiled so hard my mouth hurt.

Me and my mom got home and told my dad about our success. I guess he told all of his friends too, because he showed me that he made a final donation to Earth Rangers for 250 dollars. I really hope this money will help you save the bees, and many more people will donate!



After reading Rosie’s letter we were all smiling too! Thank you Rosie. Your donation will help fund important research being done by Dr. Cory Sheffield of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum to help scientists better understand how to help pollinators like bees.