Top Ten Worst Animal Hiding Spots


Many species use camouflage to help them survive, click here to see some animals that are incredibly good at blending into their environment. But not all animals can be the best at hiding, sometimes they don’t get it quite right. Check out this countdown of animals with the worst hiding spots.

1) “No one can see me right?”

bush dog (Speothos venaticus)
Bush dog (Speothos venaticus) Photo credit Steve Wilson

2) “I think I need a bigger tree”

Lynx cub
Lynx cub. Photo Credit: Cloudtail

3) “Total stealth mode”

gorilla hiding
Gorilla hiding. Photo credit Mark Dumont

4) “Am I lined up right?”

caterpillar on road
Photo credit hobvias sudoneighm

5) “Best hiding spot ever”

Lizard hiding
Lizard hiding. Photo credit Mark Peiser

6) “Is this feathery hat too much?”

crowned pigeon
Crowned pigeon. Photo credit Jeff Krause

7) “My secret fortress”

african_pygmy hedgehog adam foster

8) “I totally blend in with the local traffic”

Elephant on the road
Elephant on the road. Photo credit Craig Sefton

9) “Be the stump become the stump…”

Bear hiding behind tree stump
Photo credit stefan david

10) “Nothing to see here, just a field of yellow flowers”

Owl hiding in a field