Eco-Activity: Marvelous Mother’s Day gifts


Marvelous Mother’s Day Gifts

This Mother’s Day let’s not forget about the original mama: Mother Earth! This Mother’s Day while we recognize our amazing moms and caregivers at home, we challenge you to use recycled materials to create some lovely DIY gifts!

Did you know that Canada has more trees than almost any other country? Only Russia and Brazil have more! Not only are they pretty to look at and fun to explore, but they also have magical powers to keep the planet healthy. Forests help us fight climate change by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. They also clean our water, stop soil from washing away, and are home to countless animals like deer, bears, raccoons, owls, moose, foxes, and so many more! It is so important to try to use recycled materials as much as possible so that we can try to limit the use of our paper products. This can help save trees!!

Here’s a couple ideas to get you started on some Mother Earth-friendly Mother’s Day crafts: