Earth Rangers is proud to be a founding partner of NEC

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Earth Rangers has been committed to kids’ environmental education for many years and is proud to be a founding member of the Nature Education Collective (NEC).

NEC is an initiative of Earth Rangers, the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Outward Bound Canada, and Project Learning Tree Canada. Together, we champion quality nature education for children and youth to ensure they become environmentally literate and build generations of sustainability-minded, action-oriented, and resilient people.

On May 29th, 2023, NEC hosted a day-long meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It brought together delegates from governments, ENGOs, formal and informal educators, and youth to talk about the future of nature education in Canada. It was a very encouraging and hopeful day.

Earth Rangers president Tovah Barocas with Earth Ranger Keeley Raffey

Keeley Raffey, a level 78 Earth Ranger, was among the crowd. She was there to represent the voice of young people. With stories of the actions she’s taken, like recycling batteries, participating in Earth Hour, and spreading awareness, she was truly an inspiration to everyone present. Way to go, Keeley!

Nature education is needed to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for our country. The Nature Education Collective is confident that with everyone working together, we can make this a reality.