Podcast Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Earth Rangers Podcast!

In this episode, we take a look at how some animals survive the winter and help release some black bears back into the wild. On this page, you’ll find some awesome pictures, cool videos and anything else we mention in the podcast.

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Which of these winter survival strategy would you use if you were an animal?

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This week, Emma wanted to find out what hibernation is and what happens to animals, like bears, when they hibernate. She had a Conservation Conversation with Mike McIntosh from Bear With Us to find out.

Hibernation happens when an environment becomes too hostile for an animal, they have enter an inactive state until the outside conditions are a little easier for them to handle. You might think this “inactive state” means sleeping all winter, but that’s not true, at least for bears. Although a bear’s heartbeat will slow to 8 beats per minute and they can go 100 days without eating or drinking, they don’t hibernate in the true sense because their body temperature only drops a little bit and they can wake up at any moment. In fact, a pregnant mama bear will have her cubs during the hibernation period! Click here to find out the top ten coolest hibernating animals!

While learning about hibernation from Mike, Emma also got to witness one of Bear With Us’ famous bear releases! Check it out in the video below!


After an exciting bear release, Earth Ranger Emma went on a road trip to visit the Engineer in her lab. While there, the Engineer showed Emma her latest creation: the Spectral Anthrolingualization Processor (AKA The Device).

This awesome machine will help us talk to animals…or at least it’s supposed to…

Here’s where you come in! We need your help to test The Device. Send us your best impersonation of an animal call so we can run it through The Device!

Just use the voice recorder on your phone and ask your parents to email it to podcast@earthrangers.com, or click on the button right under this sentence.

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