Emma is one hard-working Earth Ranger...in fact, she's decided that it's time for her to take a little break. And you get to tag along on her vacation to the cottage! You never know what will happen when you're in the Canadian wilderness...but one thing's for sure: it's guaranteed to be an adventure!

5 AMOOSING Moose Facts to Impress your Friends!

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Meet some Canadian Freshwater Turtles

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Emma's Favourite Canadian Animals

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Best Animal Jokes of all time!

Round 3: Which of these jokes do you think is the best? Vote for your favourite!

  • What is the Ant eater looking for? Ants...and maybe uncles! (47%, 264 Votes)
  • What do you give a dog with a fever? Mustard. It’s the best thing for a hot dog. (Maybe relish too) (39%, 222 Votes)
  • What’s a seagulls favourite snack? Squackamole! (14%, 79 Votes)

Total Voters: 565

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