Tree Loving Kangaroos


Goodfellow’s tree kangaroos (Dendrolagus goodfellowi) live deep in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. These hopping tree lovers have beautiful coats that are chestnut brown with long black stripes on their back! The females have a pouch for carrying their young, which are called joeys. These kangaroos have very strong arms and short legs, this helps them in the trees but makes them less bouncy then their relatives. They can only do two ‘kangaroo hops’ in a row so they get around by using little hopping steps. These adorable kangaroos come out at night to eat the leaves of trees, fruits and even cereals that they find at the edge of the forest.

dendrolagus goodfellow eating

Today the Goodfellow’s Tree kangaroo is endangered, its population has declined by at least 50% over the last 30 years. Deforestation has taken away this kangaroo’s home and today they rely heavily on protected areas, like national parks, to stay safe. You can help the Goodfellow’s tree kangaroo by learning more about the environment and sharing your know-how with friends and family. You can also take action to live green and help to protect species at risk with your Bring Back the Wild™ campaign.

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    my kitten named Charlie he is four months old. we are fostering him. he REALLY likes to play, mainly with his jingle toy. he lives in my bedroom and he has a tiny version of the cat dish my older cats have. my older cats dish is blue, Charlies is green. his full name is Prince Charles William Harry Spencer. he is doing really good.
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