Hello, Earth Rangers! … try to imagine the fiercest animal you can, one that can run for days and days without getting tired, that has enormous paws and claws that help it hop on top of snow and scavenge or hunt, that is not afraid of much bigger animals, and is so tenacious that it could even get a lone wolf to back down!

In today’s episode Emma learns about the elusive wolverine, and also solves a swamp monster mystery!

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Fast, furious​, and with special aroma – the wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family!

Emma talks to a wolverine expert – Matt Scrafford from WCS Canda to learn all the secret of this mysterious smelly creature!

Even though they are tough – wolverines need our help! Wolverines in Canada and all around the world are losing their habitats because of human activities. Want to help? Adopt a wolverine today! and help University of Calgary researcher Mirjam Barrueto learn more about the habitat needs of wolverines in western Canada.

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