Hello Earth Rangers! Today we’ll meet one of the sweetest, most adorable little river-dwellers…the North American river otter! While looking for river otters in the Humber river, Emma is surprisingly challenged to an otter fast-fact-faceoff by her friend Earth Ranger Kyla. But Kyla doesn’t know that Emma got help from a real otter expert who studied river otters for 40 years! Find out who wins in today’s episode!

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Meet the adorable river otter! Its tube-shaped body and sleek fur make it an excellent swimmer!

Today Emma talks to a river otter expert – Don Reid from Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canda to learn about the secret life of river otters. Here is Don, setting up a remote camera to track river otters in the field and study their behaviour!

When they swim in the river, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between river otter (left) and beavers (right)! The key is to look at their tails. Listen to Don’s interview to find out how to spot the difference!

River otters share their habitat with beavers, Don will talk about how beavers are actually making the life of river otters much easier!

Real river otters are hard to spot because they are very shy animals – but here is a very cute river otter plushy getting a taste of the river life!

River otters are losing their habitats because of human activities. Want to help? Adopt a river otter today! and help Earth Rangers support Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Canada as they work to investigate the crucial areas of open water and cavities along the Yukon’s lake shore. 

These areas support the majority of the Yukon’s species, but are also where most human development and recreational activities are focused and where there are very few protected areas. By identifying the routes that river otters take between waterways, researchers will be able to produce best management practices for the conservation of otter habitats as well as conserving and connecting wetland ecosystems.

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