Meet Vanessa – Making a Difference, One Animal at a Time

How do you choose which animal you want to protect? Do you choose them because of where they live, how endangered they are, or their level of cuteness? For this Super Ranger, choosing which animals she wanted to fundraise for was easy! Take a look at Vanessa’s inspiring story!

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Meet Vanessa! Vanessa first decided to become an Earth Ranger after seeing an Earth Rangers show at her local museum where she met Timber the Pine marten. After seeing Timber jump from one perch to another to demonstrate his natural agility, she was inspired to start a Bring Back the Wild campaign, “I wanted to support the Pine marten because we have a forest behind our house that we really love and one of the reasons the Pine marten is endangered is because they are losing their forest habitat. Plus, they’re super cute!”

Vanessa with Mandy and Animal Ambassador Timber the Pine marten
Vanessa with Mandy and Animal Ambassador Timber the Pine marten.
Flick Credit: jerryoldenettel
Flick Credit: jerryoldenettel

Vanessa enjoyed protecting the Pine marten so much that one campaign wasn’t enough. Since Vanessa and her family love listening to the songbirds that live in and around their backyard, she chose to start a campaign to help the Wood thrush.

With the help of her friends and family, Vanessa collected an amazing $105! That left her just $20 short of her goal. Determined to reach her goal, Vanessa decided to take $20 out of her vacation fund. Vanessa’s dedication to protecting the Wood thrush not only blew all of us here at Earth Rangers away, but also some other pretty important people. The people at Holcimthe Wood thrush project sponsor, were so impressed they  decided to match her donation, doubling her total to $250!

Vanessa loves to draw animals, especially owls!
Vanessa loves to draw animals, especially owls!

Vanessa’s love for nature runs so deeply that when she isn’t fundraising to protect animals through Bring Back the Wild, she is protecting them in her own backyard. Last year, her family raised three monarch caterpillars and when they turned into butterflies they released them into the wild. This year they put up an owl nesting box in their yard. “I like putting up bird houses so that birds have a safe place to nest. Right now we have chickadees feeding their babies in one of the bird houses! This is why Earth Rangers fundraising is so important to me, because I can truly make a difference protecting many different species!

Thank you Vanessa for your commitment to helping animals!

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