Super Ranger Jackson Hosts a Super-Awesome Birthday!


Exactly one year ago on August 19th, 2018, Ranger Jackson took the pledge to be an animal-saving hero. Now, on August 19th, 2019 we’d like to introduce you to our newest Super Ranger: Super Ranger Jackson! With only one year of membership under his belt, he’s already achieved an incredible goal and reached his Fundraising Milestone for the Ringed Seal.

Super Ranger Jackson kickstarted his fundraising efforts by hosting an awesome Bring Back the Wild Birthday Party! Jackson has always loved nature — so when he saw the Earth Rangers advertisement on television, he knew right away he wanted to be one! Jackson decided to have an Earth Ranger themed birthday party for his 7th birthday.

Wow – that Birthday cake looks incredible, doesn’t it?!

Super Ranger Jackson says that he chose the Ringed Seal because; “I like seals, even though foxes are my favourite animal!”. So, in lieu of birthday gifts, Jackson’s friends and family generously donated funds toward his Ringed Seal campaign. Through this fundraiser Jackson was able to raise $60.00, even contributing some of his own money! Jackson says he was thrilled to know he was helping the seals; “I hope it will help protect them!”

Super Ranger Jackson wants to leave off with the following message to all members and nature enthusiasts alike: “ALL animals are important!” So, remember Rangers; whether you focus on fundraising for endangered animals, or completing in-home missions to create lasting, positive impacts, you CAN make a difference!

Your actions can change the world!

Want to be an earth-saving hero like Ranger Jackson? Check out our Bring Back the Wild Birthday Program!

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