OMG! Facts

Retired Ant

Leaf-cutter ants have sharp mandibles that they use to cut leaves. As these...

Hungry Hungry Plant

Carnivorous, or meat-eating, plants mean business when it comes to hunting. The pitcher...

Octopus Decorations

The Common Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) likes to put a personal touch on its...

Why are Leopards Spotted?

See why wild cats have such fancy fur.

Moose are Amazing Swimmers

It may not look like a very good swimmer, but the moose will actually dive under water to look for food.

Walking on Ice like a Polar Bear

Ever wonder have Polar Bears don't slip on ice? The answer has to do with the design of their paws.

A Freezing Cold Frog

See how researchers are learning from frog cells.

Secret Seal Lair

The ringed seal (Pusa hispida) is a secretive animal. Unlike other seals, they...

The Trendy Arctic Fox

Oh, that's so last season! Check out the changing fashions of the Arctic fox.

TIMBER! The Beaver is Here

Meet the dentist's favourite animals. Beavers' teeth are super sharp and super strong....